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CACAO Plant ++

  1. Health benefits
  2. Ethics of cacao
  3. See how it’s made
  5. Connect to cacao
  6. Relax ~ CBD Cacao


  1. Virtual meditation
  2. Soundbath events

︎Sonoran Habitat


Bean to Bar — Ethical cacao and adaptogens ︎

Tune in to meditative states 

Sonhab was born in the Sonoran Desert. We began making chocolate as a vehicle to explore anti-inflammatory herbal healing and good flavors. Kristen fell very ill with autoimmune diseases that required a very restricted medically supervised diet. During the peak of her illness, she began chocolate making with adaptogenic herbs for her own enjoyment. We meditated. We experimented. Sonhab adaptogenic chocolate and Sonhab sound meditations came to fruition. We continue to explore wellness and flavor through our microbatches of ethically sourced beans and sound meditation offerings. 

No fillers, no refined sugar, gluten-free, usually soy-free, and vegetarian. Biohacking and anti-inflammatory. Energize. Adapt. Relax.

Enjoy cacao.


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