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Craft chocolate 

Sonhab was born in the Sonoran Desert.

We make bean to bar, slow made chocolate with no refined sugar. It takes us a week of labor to turn raw cacao beans into chocolate bars. Sonhab works with a thoughtful importer, pays more for the cacao beans, and lists each origin and farm on the bars. We also include adaptogenic herbs in some of our chocolates to provide additional benefits, reduce inflammation, and help customers relax.

Cacao found Kristen during a serious illness that turned her life upside down. She recovered and avoided immunosuppressants by making diet modifications guided by a specialist. This changed her relationship with food and forced her to find a new way to appreciate it. Herbs, supplements, mushrooms, and cacao were a big part of that journey. She began making ornate chocolates with adaptogenic herbs and flower petals as part of her healing journey. Organically, years later Sonhab came to fruition as an experiment. 

No fillers, no refined sugar, gluten-free, usually soy-free + dairy free, and vegetarian or vegan.


Enjoy cacao.


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